n Institute of African Studies Research Review - The Accra Plains c. AD 1400 - 1800 overview of trade, politics and culture from the perspective of historical archaeology

Supplement 7
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



This paper discusses the canons of Historical Archaeology research methods as employed by western scholars, in which there is heavy reliance on European written sources and abundant data from datable archaeological remains of foreign imports. However, it argues for the formulation of a peculiar Sub-Saharan African variant of the discipline's research method which emphasises use of ethnohistories and ethnoarchaeology alongside normal archaeological excavation principles, as well as a rather subdued measure of archival documentation. <br>The paper demonstrates synthesis of multi-source data for elucidating trends in the development of European-African mercantilism, urbanism, state formation, indigenous cultural complexes in the Accra Plains in c. AD 1400-1800.

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