n Institute of African Studies Research Review - Chapter sixteen

Supplement 8
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



My father was still not altogether himself when we got home. In his heart he was still mourning the loss of Sorkumo, and until the final funeral rites had been performed he was still a chief mourner. Perhaps my father did not believe that the deaths of his two eldest sons were due to natural causes but induced by some magic, because people were jealous either of his wealth or of the number of his children, many of whom were now becoming adults. Within one month of our being at home he had purchased about seventeen horses for his stable from Mossi traders from the Upper Volta, paying no regard as to whether they carried any disease or not. Door-iere, his favourite son and father and his chancellor and counsellor, became very worried at the way he was wasting his money on purchasing so many horses, but his protest and advice fell on deaf ears.

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