n Institute of African Studies Research Review - Chapter fourteen

Supplement 8
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



The holidays were so enjoyable that particular year that they seemed very short. But to school we had to return. The school had arranged for the younger boys from Lawra and Wa to travel by the government transport lorry which at that time consisted predominantly of Albion trucks with one or two Commer vehicles as well. The names of those to be picked up by the driver were sent to their parents through the respective native authorities. Debomo and I were considered as the small boys among the Gandah brothers. However, my father was not prepared to let the other six brothers travel on foot through Konkore, since he travelled through there as prisoner, and he paid their fares to go by lorry via Kumasi as there were no commercial vehicles going direct. So they had to leave for school even before we did.

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