n Institute of African Studies Research Review - Combating illiteracy with libraries : the Kathy Knowles example

Supplement 9
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



Illiteracy among Ghanaians has been a growing concern in recent years, especially when UNESCO declared 1990 the International Literacy Year and the decade after, 2000, the year by which illiteracy should have been reduced to half the 1990 level. This paper looks at the illiteracy situation in Ghana and literacy campaigns. Using the initiative taken by Kathy Knowles to combat illiteracy, the paper discusses the role libraries should play in the maintenance of literacy skills acquired. Findings from a focus group discussion conducted with adults, and letters from both adults and children who are clientele of the libraries under study, establish the impressions of the literacy learners about the role of libraries in the sustenance of the literacy skills they acquire.

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