n Institute of African Studies Research Review - Contested royalty : eligibility and chieftaincy succession disputes in Wungu, Northern Ghana

Volume 24, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



Chieftaincy conflicts have become a common phenomenon in many parts of Ghana. In Northern Ghana, most of the causes of chieftaincy disputes are linked with royalty and legibility to contest a particular skin. This paper is based on empirical analysis of the dynamics of royalty and how it relates to eligibility and succession as an emerging pattern of chieftaincy succession disputes in Wungu, in Northern Ghana. The data for this article were collected through interviews, observations and archival materials. The paper argues among other things that, the Regional Houses of Chiefs should embark on vigorous education so as to enlighten the youth, chief-makers and royals to avoid chieftaincy disputes. Succession rules should be made clear and if possible codified to avoid instances of controversies regarding eligibility.

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