n Institute of African Studies Research Review - Sociolinguistic aspects of Akan in Accra Solace : research report

Volume 25, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



It is generally believed that the Akan language spoken in the urban areas and hence Accra is very different from the Akan spoken in the indigenous areas. The research reported in this paper therefore attempted to look into the Akan spoken in Accra, to find out if there are any differences between the Akan spoken in Accra and the indigenous areas, and the areas of the language where such differences could be noticed. Recordings from respondents from both the indigenous areas where the language is spoken and Accra were collected. The key topics discussed in this report include: mixture of Akan dialects in Accra, nasal assimilation, code switching, code mixing and lexical borrowing, and the differences in Akan expressions between those used by the indigenous speakers and those living in areas in Accra where Akan is not widely spoken.

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