n Institute of African Studies Research Review - Violence at sea : the ramifications of maritime piracy in Nigerian and Somali waters for human security in Africa

Volume 25, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



Both national and international waterways are vitally important to states because they serve as a medium of transportation, a source of economic exploitation of such mineral resources as crude oil, and a source of food in the form of fishing and shrimp fishing. Regrettably, Africa's waters now represent one of the world's dangerous waterways for vessels and its crew members in terms of pirate attacks. This article focuses on pirate activities in Nigeria and Somali waters in Africa, essentially because they have recorded the highest incidences of pirate attacks in the last few years. It examines the dimension maritime piracy has assumed in these waters, discusses the factors behind the new wave of pirate activities, and unravels the implications of maritime piracy for human security in the continent. It concludes with recommendations suggested for combating piracy in these waters in particular, and Africa in general.

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