n Institute of African Studies Research Review - Rolling, stitching and sewing jute fiber : the 'Line Walk' sculpture project

Volume 26, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



Jute fiber is one important material that has given many artists the opportunity to find their voice in contemporary art practice. They have explored the material in diverse ways which yielded rewarding dividends that are highly aesthetic and expressive. The uniqueness of their creative expression depended largely on their individual methods of working with the material. The 'Line Walk' project, however, is a process-oriented studio exploration which employed local everyday gestures, such as rolling, stitching and sewing, as methods in dialoguing with jute sacks to arrive at visual imageries that mirror the socio-political activities of man. This paper reports on the project. It describes the materials used and the different stages of production involved in the creation of a body of work called the Line Walk Series. It also analyses the formal features of the exploration results and discusses their conceptual references and meanings, especially as they relate to socio-political issues and events in Nigeria.

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