n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - IS environmental alignment and business performance : a conceptual approach




This paper proposes a conceptual model termed "IS environmental alignment" that focuses on the support provided by IS strategy to minimize the gap between perceived environmental uncertainty and realized / objective environmental conditions. The model uses the Chan et al alignment measurement method to measure IS strategic alignment as it provides a quantitative measure. In due course the proposed model would be tested in industry and would examine the affect of IS environmental alignment on business performance. The implication of the model lies in the effective use of deployed IS systems by organizations.

'n Konsepmodel word voorgelĂȘ wat handel oor "IS-omgewingsaanpassing". IS-strategie-ondersteuning by die minimisering van die gaping tussen waargenome omgewingsonsekerheid en gerealiseerde / objektiewe omgewingstoestande. Die model maak gebruik van die Chan et al aanpassingsmeetmetode om IS-strategie-aanpassing op 'n kwantitatiewe basis te bepaal. Met die verloop van tyd sal die konsepmodel in die praktyk getoets word om te toon hoe IS-strategie-aanpassing sakevertoning affekteer. Die effektiewe ontplooiing van IS-stelsels by ondernemings word voorgehou.


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