n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - A productivity measurement model for higher educational institutions




Introduced several decades ago, productivity has rapidly developed into a powerful and versatile tool for both service and manufacturing sectors. Service represents the largest and fastest growing sector of developing economies. Yet, issues surrounding performance measurement in higher education institutions (HEI) presents an interesting and important research challenge often ignored. Rapid advances made during the past decade on problems associated with productivity have brought into an ever-sharper focus the need for a comprehensive and competent treatment of service productivity in HEI. The need for a treatment of this type has been long felt in research institutions, governments, and universities. This work investigates the feasibility of measuring the productivity of an academic department of a university using the NPC/NIIE model.

Produktiwiteitsmeting het oor die afgelope dekades snel ontwikkel tot 'n kragtige alomtoepaslike gereedskap vir die diens- en vervaardigingsektore. Die meet van produktiwiteit van dienslewering by hoër onderwysinstansies is 'n navorsingsuitdaging wat dikwels onaangeraak gelaat word. Ontwikkelings op die gebied van produktiwiteitsmeting beklemtoon die belangrikheid van die bogenoemde vraagstuk. Die resultate van die studie is bemoedigend. Onder andere toon dit hoedat produktiwiteitsdoelwitte bereik kan word en hoedat potensiële probleemareas aangespreek behoort te word.


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