n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - Goal programming model for production planning in a toothpaste factory

Volume 19, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1012-277X



The GP model was developed for production planning in a toothpaste factory. Two objectives were distinguished: minimization of processing cost, and maximization of the capacity utilization of production facilities. Two priority structures were used to explore the trade-off options. When processing cost minimization was assigned the first priority, the utilizations of Processing Plant 1 and Filling Machine 2 were 20.32% and 0.18% respectively. When capacity utilization was assigned first priority, the processing cost increased by 7.55% but capacity utilization improved. The least utilized facility was Filling Machine 1 with a utilization of 43.85%.

Die GP-model is ontwikkel vir die beplanning van produksie van 'n tandepastafabriek. Twee doelwitte is gestel vir die beplanning naamlik minimisering van produksiekoste, en maksimering van prosesbesetting. Wanneer minimisering van koste gebruik word as eerste prioriteit is die besettingswaardes van prosesseringaanleg 1 20.32% en van vulmasjien 2 0.18%. Wanneer prosesbesetting gebruik word as eerste prioriteit neem die proseskoste toe met 7.55% en styg die prosesbesetting. Vulmasjien 1 se gevolglike besetting was 43.85%.

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