n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - A performance modeling and decision support system for a feed water unit of a thermal power plant

Volume 19, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1012-277X



The present paper discusses the performance modeling and decision support system for a feed water unit of a thermal power plant using the concept of performance analysis and modeling. A feed water unit ensures a proper supply of water for the sound functioning of a thermal power plant. The decision support system for a feed water unit has been developed with the help of performance modeling using a probabilistic approach. After drawing a transition diagram, differential equations are generated. After that, steady state probabilities are determined. Some decision matrices are also developed, which provide various performance levels for different combinations of failure and repair rates of all subsystems. Based upon various availability values obtained in decision matrices and plots of failure rates / repair rates of various subsystems, the performance of each subsystem is analyzed, and maintenance decisions are made for all subsystems.

Vertoningsanalise en -modellering word gedoen vir die toevoerwatersisteem van 'n termiese kragstasie. Toevoerwater is 'n belangrike factor vir die doeltreffende bedryf van 'n kragstasie. Die vertoningsanalise en -model is probalisties van aard. 'n Toestandoorgangsdiagram en bypassende differensiaalvergelykings word gebruik, gevolg deur bepaling van die bestandige sisteemtoestand. Bykomende aandag word gegee aan relevante subsisteme. Die vertoning van subsisteme word gebasseer op verskeie beskikbaarheidswaardes om sodoende instandhouding to optimiseer.

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