n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - Managing the cold chain : a case study at a South African ice cream company

Volume 19, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1012-277X



This paper documents the results of a supply chain management (SCM) case study conducted at Centurion Ice Cream and Sweets CC, a producer of ice cream in the greater Gauteng area. The current SCM environment was first analyzed before the distribution function was identified as a prime candidate for further analysis. A Monte Carlo simulation was subsequently performed to investigate the effect of different distribution scenarios. The paper concludes with an investigation into information technology (IT) as the enabler for improved supply chain performance.

Hierdie artikel dokumenteer die resultate van 'n voorsieningskanaalgevallestudie uitgevoer by Centurion Ice Cream and Sweets CC, 'n roomysvervaardiger in die Gauteng-area. Die voorsieningskanaal is eers ontleed voordat die distribusiefunksie geïdentifiseer is as 'n kandidaat vir verdere analise. 'n Monte Carlo-simulasie uitgevoer om die effek van verskillende distribusiescenarios te ondersoek. Die artikel sluit af met 'n ondersoek na inligtingstegnologie as katalisator vir verbeterde voorsieningskanaalprestasie.

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