n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - A productivity evaluation model based on input and output orientations

Volume 20, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1012-277X



Many productivity models evaluate either the input or the output performances using standalone techniques. This sometimes gives divergent views of the same system's results. The work reported in this article, which simultaneously evaluated productivity from both orientations, was applied on real life data. The results showed losses in productivity (-2%) and price recovery (-8%) for the outputs; the inputs showed productivity gain (145%) but price recovery loss (-63%). These imply losses in product performances but a productivity gain in inputs. The loss in the price recovery of inputs indicates a problem in the pricing policy. This model is applicable in product diversification.

Die meeste produktiwiteitsmodelle evalueer of die inset- of die uitsetverrigting deur gebruik te maak van geïsoleerde tegnieke. Dit lei soms tot uiteenlopende perspektiewe van dieselfde sisteem se verrigting. Hierdie artikel evalueer verrigting uit beide perspektiewe en gebruik ware data. Die resultate toon 'n afname in produktiwiteit (-2%) en prysherwinning (-8%) vir die uitsette. Die insette toon 'n toename in produktiwiteit (145%), maar 'n afname in prysherwinning (-63%). Dit impliseer 'n afname in produkverrigting, maar 'n produktiwiteitstoename in insette. Die afname in die prysherwinning van insette dui op 'n problem in die prysvasstellingbeleid. Hierdie model is geskik vir produkdiversifikasie.

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