n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - A heuristic fixed limit Bayesian chart

Volume 20, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1012-277X



The paper proposes an efficient approach to detecting an increase in the fraction of nonconforming items. The novelty of the paper is its utilization of the concept of the Bayesian rule and construction of a Bayesian control chart. This approach is significantly better than certain existing effective approaches in detecting small deviations. The major application of the charts is in high-tech industries and short run processes where the detection of small deviations and the evaluation of the initial setup are very important. The simulated results for the average run length profiles demonstrate the superiority of the new approach against the standard chart, binomial EWMA and moving average approach. The new approach is easy to understand and may be attractive and useful to researchers, while it can also be an effective alternative for other existing approaches.

Die navorsing hou 'n doeltreffende Bayes-gebaseerde kontrolekaartmetode voor vir die beheer van breukdefekte waar gehalte buite beheer raak vir klein afwykings. Die metode se vertoning word simulasie teen ander geykte kontrolekaartmetodes vir gemiddelde looplengte beproef. Die nuwe benadering is maklik verstaanbaar en bruikbaar vir navorsers, terwyl dit ook 'n effektiewe alternatief vir ander bestaande benaderings is.

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