n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - Quantifying suppliers' product quality : an exploratory product audit method : general article




The quality of the raw material and supplied product from suppliers plays a critical role in the quality of the final product. It has become the norm that vehicle manufacturers require their suppliers to measure product quality and service with a product audit method. Measuring quality of product is emphasised by QS9000 VDA6.5 and ISO / TS16949. From a competitive standpoint, and also to see continuous improvement in business, companies need to monitor their suppliers' performance. Quality and delivery are two very important indicators of supplier performance. This paper presents a statistical method for measuring the quality of supplied product. This method allocates different weights to variables and attributes characteristics. Moreover, following normal distribution, the tolerance zone is divided to three regions with different scores. Therefore, the quality of suppliers' products can be monitored based on the Product Quality Audit Score (PQAS). However, this method may be employed for organisations to monitor their raw material, work-in-process parts, and final product. It can be an indicator to monitor supplier quality behaviour.

Die gehalte van grondstowwe en produkte / komponente wat deur leweransiers verskaf word, speel 'n kritiese rol in die gehalte van die finale produk. Dit het die norm geword in die motorvervaardigingsbedryf dat daar van leweransiers verwag word om hulle produkkwaliteit en -diens te meet by wyse van 'n produkouditmetode. Die meting van produkkwaliteit word benadruk deur QS9000 VDA6.5 en ISO/TS16949. Uit 'n mededingingshoek en ook om kontinue verbetering te monitor, is dit noodsaaklik dat leweransiers se verrigting gemeet word. Gehalte en aflewering is twee van die belangrikste indikatore van leweransiersverrigting. In hierdie artikel word 'n statistiese model voorgehou vir die meting van die kwaliteit van die gelewerde produk. Die metode ken verskillende gewigte toe aan die veranderlikes en attribute. Daarbenewens, volgens die normaalverdeling, word die toleransiesone verdeel in drie areas met verskillende tellings. Gevolglik kan die kwaliteit van die leweransiers se produkte gemonitor word aan die hand van die produkgehalte-oudittelling ("product quality audit score - PQAS").


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