n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - New heuristics for minimising total completion time and the number of tardy jobs criteria on a single machine with release time : general article

Volume 21, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1012-277X



This paper considers the bi-criteria scheduling problem of simultaneously minimising the total completion time and the number of tardy jobs with release dates on a single machine. Since the problem had been classified as NP-Hard, two heuristics (HR9 and HR10) were proposed for solving this problem. Performance evaluations of the proposed heuristics and selected solution methods (HR7 and BB) from the literature were carried out on 1,100 randomly generated problems ranging from 3 to 500 jobs. Experiment results show that HR7 outperformed HR10 when the number of jobs (n) is less than 30, while HR10 outperformed HR7 for n≥ 30.

In hierdie artikel word die bi-kriteria-skeduleringsprobleem bestudeer waar die totale voltooiingstyd en die aantal take wat laat is op 'n enkele masjien geminimiseer moet word. Verskeie heuristieke word voorgestel en getoets om sodoende die beste benadering te identifiseer.

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