n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - A dynamic approach to improving the execution of development strategies for date-related industries in Iran, based on hybrid GRA and ISM methods




This paper presents a hybrid Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) and Interpretive Structural Modelling (ISM) methodology for appropriate dynamic analysis, in order to improve the execution of development strategies for date-related industries in Iran. The proposed framework consists of four main phases: (1) establishment of strategies; (2) GRA analysis; (3) binary comparison to determine hierarchy levels using the ISM method; and (4) dynamic analysis. The analysis reveals that the strategic priorities to improve Iran's date industries can be arranged on three levels. The first level consists of the by-products of date packing and processing. On the second level, three tactics are determined: developing ready-for-use date products, deriving date fruit products, and fermentation of products. The third level is to blend dates with other foods and palm products (excluding dates).

Hierdie artikel hou 'n hibirede GRA en ISM metodologie voor vir dinamiese analise om ontwikkelingstrategieë vir die dadelindustrie in Iran te verbeter. Die voorgestelde raamwerk bestaan uit vier fases: (1) vasstelling van die strategieë; (2) GRA analise; (3) binêre vergelyking om die hierargievlakke te bepaal deur die ISM metode te gebruik; en (4) dinamiese analise. Die analise toon dat die strategiese prioriteite om die dadelindustrie in Iran te verbeter in drie vlakke gerangskik kan word. Die eerste vlak behels die neweprodukte van dadelverpakking en -prosessering. Op die tweede vlak word drie taktieke ontwikkel: die ontwikkeling van gereed-vir-gebruik dadelprodukte, dadelvrugteprodukte en die fermentasie van produkte. Die derde vlak behels die versny van dadels met ander voedsel- en palmprodukte (uitgesonderd dadels).


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