n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - The role of marketing information systems (MKIS) in service quality in Ethiopian industries




This paper deals with the role of marketing information systems for service quality in Ethiopian industries in terms of their IT infrastructure, data acquisition, information processing, business function, and service quality. A quantitative survey of 42 Ethiopian industries in 2009 indicated that most of these industries are dominated by non-computerised information systems. The data acquisition and IT infrastructure strongly support the information process. Information processing significantly and positively predicts both service quality and business function. But the business function that uses processed data and information for its activities - such as planning, decision-making, and implementation - is not found to be a significant predictor of service quality.

In hierdie artikel word die rol van bemarkingsinligtingstelsels by diensgehalte in Etiopiese industrieë bespreek in terme van hul IT-infrastruktuur, datavaslegging, inligtingsprosesseervermoë, operasionele funksionering en diensgehalte. 'n Kwantitatiewe opname onder 42 Etiopiese industrieë is in 2009 onderneem. Dit het getoon dat die meeste van hierdie industrieë gedomineer word deur nie-rekenaargebaseerde inligtingstelsels. Die datavaslegging en IT-infrastruktuur ondersteun die inligtingsproses. Inligtingsprosesseervermoë voorspel betekenisvol en positief wat die diensgehalte sal wees. Daarteenoor is gevind dat die operasionele funksionering wat verwerkte data en inligting aanwend vir aktiwiteite soos beplanning, besluitneming en implementering nie 'n indikator van diensgehalte is nie.


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