n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - Modular research equipment for on-line inspection in advanced manufacturing systems : general article



The significance of inspection processes increases when producing parts with high levels of customer input. These processes must adapt to variations in significant product characteristics. Mass customisation and reconfigurable manufacturing are currently being researched as ways to respond to high levels of customer input. This paper presents the research and development of modular inspection equipment that was designed to meet the on-line quality requirements of mass customisation and reconfigurable manufacturing environments. Simulated results were analysed for application in an industrial environment. The implementation of the equipment in South Africa is briefly discussed. The research indicates that manufacturers need only invest in the required equipment configurations when they are needed for on-line inspection.

Die belangrikheid van inspeksieprosesse verhoog wannneer onderdele met hoë vlakke van kliëntinsette vervaardig word. Hierdie prosesse moet aanpas by variasies in belangrike produkeienskappe. Massadoelmaking en herkonfigureerbare vervaardinging word tans nagevors as 'n moontlike manier om hoë vlakke van kliëntinsette te hanteer. Hierdie artikel hou die navorsing en ontwikkeling van modulêre inspeksietoerusting voor wat ontwikkel is om aan die "op-die-lyn"-gehaltevereistes van massadoelmaking en herkonfigureerbarre vervaardigingsomgewings te voldoen. Gesimuleerde resultate is geanaliseer vir toepassing in 'n industriële omgewing. Die implementering van die toerusting in Suid-Afrika word kortliks bespreek. Die navorsing toon dat vervaardigers slegs hoef te belê in die nodige toerusting-konfigurasies wanneer dit benodig word vir "op-die-lyn"-inspeksie.


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