n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - Solving a novel multi-skilled project scheduling model by scatter search

Volume 24, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1012-277X



A multi-skilled project scheduling problem (MSPSP) has generally been presented to schedule information technology projects in deterministic conditions. The contribution of this model is to consider the resources, called 'staff members'. These members are regarded as valuable, renewable, and discrete resources with different multiple skills. The different skills of staff members, as well as the project network's activity requirement of different skills, cause this problem to become a special type of multi-mode resource-constrained project scheduling problem (MM-RCPSP), with a huge number of modes. Taking into account the importance of this issue and the few studies performed on this problem, a novel mathematical model for the MSPSP is presented. Since the complexity of this problem is NP-hard, an efficient scatter search (SS) algorithm is developed to solve such a difficult problem. This proposed SS is capable of generating optimised solutions in small sizes, and the excellent solutions in large sizes are compared with the solutions reported by a proposed Tabu search (TS) algorithm.

'n Veeldoel projekskeduleringsvraagstuk (MSPSP) word voorgehou vir skedulering onder deterministiese toestande van inligtingstegnologieprojekte. Die model word aangewend vir hulpbronne genaamd "personeellede". Die bronne is waardevol, hernubaar, diskreet en beskik oor uiteenlopende vaardighede. Die eienskappe van die vraagstuk berus by uiteenlopendheid. Vir die voorafgaande omstandighede word 'n nuwe model geskep vir die hantering van eienaardighede. Aangesien die problem NP-moeilik is, word 'n doeltreffende spreisoek-algoritme gebruik met groot sukses.

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