n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - Examining how manufacturing corporations win orders

Volume 24, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1012-277X



This study adopted 14 criteria for order-winners and qualifiers as the attributes for evaluation. The first stage used a simultaneous importance-performance analysis to analyse the competitive market situations of a corporation and its competitors. The second stage used the decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory method to analyse the attributes' causal relationships and levels of influence; then two methods of analysis were integrated to analyse and re-formulate the competitive strategies for the winning orders. As well as serving as a novel theory-based method to examine how manufacturers win orders, the proposals in this study can be applied to practical industry experiences.

Veertien kriteria vir mededinging word vir attribuut evaluering voorgehou. Ten aanvang word gelyktydige vertonings gemeet ten opsigte van mededingers. Tweedens word 'n lukraakmetode aangewend by die evaluering van attribute se kousale verhoudings en invloedspeile vir mededingingspeile om sodoende bestellings te bekom. Die resulterende voorstelle kan in die praktyk toegepas word.

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