n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - Great gap between customers' taste and market variety in the car market in Iran




In this paper, types of cars are described by factors, with each factor consisting of different levels. The satisfaction of the customer is determined by the levels of the factors and the price of the car. Two groups of customers with different tastes are identified in the car market in Iran. The two groups cover 82.4 per cent of customers. Based on the values of the factors, the value of each vehicle is obtained for each group. The aim of this research is to obtain a better understanding of customers' taste, in order to determine the market share of cars and ensure that customers' needs can be satisfied properly. In this way, companies can develop better strategies and production plans and can increase their market share. The size of each group was determined, as well as their characteristics in terms of gender, age, and education status. Using Tirole's and Gabszewicz and Thisse's respective theories, the shares of the car market, according to customers' demands, were determined. The new method adopted in this study is the generalisation of Tirole's product differentiation theory to the case in which the pairwise ranking of the products forms an acyclic network and not only a directed path. The estimated demand is compared with the sales data from the last five years. A big gap between the status of the vehicle sales and the customer requirements is observed in the car market in Iran.

Hierdie studie beskryf voertuie met verskillende faktore wat uit meerdere vlakke bestaan. Die kliënt tevredenheid word bepaal deur die vlakke van die faktore en die voertuig se prys. Twee kliëntgroepe met verskillende voorkeure is in die voertuigmark in Iran geïdentifiseer. Die twee groepe beslaan 82.4 persent van die kliënte. Gegrond op die waardes van die faktore word die waarde van elke voertuig vir elke groep bepaal. Die doel van hierdie navorsing is om beter kliënt voorkeure te verstaan om sodoende die markaandeel van die voertuie te bepaal en dus aan die kliëntebasis se vereistes beter te voldoen. Met hierdie inligting kan vervaardigers beter strategieë en produksie planne beraam en sodoende hul markaandeel vergroot. Elke groep is bepaal gegrond op hul eienskappe soos geslag, ouderdom en opvoeding. Tirole en Gabszewicz en Thisse se teorieë is gebruik om die markaandeel volgens die kliënte se vereistes te bepaal. Hierdie navorsing se bydrae is 'n veralgemening van Tirole se produk differensiasie vir die geval waar die paargewyse rangskikking van produkte 'n asikliese netwerk vorm. The beraamde vraag is vergelyk met verkoopsdata van die laaste vyf jaar. 'n Groot gaping tussen die voertuigverkope en die kliënte vereistes in Iran is waargeneem.


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