n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - Moving from job-shop to production cells without losing flexibility : a case study from the wooden frames industry




Cellular production is usually seen as a hybrid approach between job-shop and flow-line paradigms, reducing the major disadvantages of these two paradigms: the low productivity of job-shops and the low flexibility (in terms of productsâ?? variety) of the flow-lines. This paper describes the implementation of a production cell in a production unit of wood-framed pictures and mirrors, which was originally configured as a traditional job-shop, without losing the necessary flexibility to face market demand and simultaneously increasing the production unitâ??s performance. By implementing a highly flexible cell, very significant improvements were expected for the systemâ??s overall performance and the quality of the products. These expectations were met, and the implementation was successful, as demonstrated by the results presented.

Sellulêre produksie word gewoonlik gesien as 'n kombinasie van werkswinkel en vloeilyn benaderings en in die proses word die groot nadele van beide die benaderings, naamlik die lae produktiwiteit van werkswinkels en die lae aanpasbaarheid (in terme van produk variëteit) van vloeilyne, verminder. Die implementering van 'n produksie sel in 'n houtraamvervaardigingsaanleg, wat aanvanklik as 'n tradisionele werkswinkel uitgelê is, word beskryf. Hierdie implementering vind plaas sonder om die aanleg se aanpasbaarheid te beïnvloed terwyl die produktiwiteit verhoog word. Deur 'n hoogs aanpasbare produksie sel te implementeer word noemenswaardige verbeteringe in die sisteem se algehele verrigting en gehalte verwag. Hierdie verwagtinge is inderdaad bereik en die implementering is dus as suksesvol beskou.


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