n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - A multi-dimensional method for evaluating a product's conceptual schemes




The use of conceptual scheme evaluation is a key step in the development of new products. In this paper, a multi-dimensional evaluation method that involves subjective evaluation, eye-tracking, and product image evaluation is established. In this study, subjective evaluation is used to test customers' initial reactions to conceptual schemes, and eye-tracking is used to highlight the features of conceptual schemes that are most attractive to customers. With the help of Kansei engineering, the most attractive features of a particular product are described and clarified from the product image evaluation. This multi-dimensional method can be applied not only in screening conceptual schemes, but also in exploring the reasons and suggestions for product improvement. The method was assessed in this study through a case study evaluation of conceptual design schemes for a mobile phone.

Die gebruik van konseptuele skema beoordeling is 'n sleutel stap in die ontwikkel van nuwe produkte. 'n Multidimensionele beoordelingsmetode, wat subjektiewe beoordeling, die volg van oog beweging en produk beeld beoordeling behels, is ontwikkel. Subjektiewe beoordeling word gebruik om kliënte se aanvanklike reaksies op konseptuele skemas te toets. Die volg van oog beweging word gebruik om die mees aantreklike eienskappe van konseptuele skemas uit te lig. Met die hulp van Kansei ingenieurswese word die mees aantreklike eienskappe van 'n spesifieke produk beskryf en duidelik gemaak vanuit die produk beeld beoordeling. Hierdie multidimensionele metode kan ook toegepas word in die motiverings en aanbevelings vir produk verbetering. Dié metode is beoordeel deur 'n gevallestudie van konseptuele ontwerpskemas van 'n selfoon.


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