n South African Journal of Industrial Engineering - Impact of TQM practices on innovation performance among manufacturing companies in Malaysia




This study examines the impact of total quality management (TQM) practices on an organisation's innovation performance. Correlation coefficient and regression analysis is used to examine the relationship between TQM practices and innovation performance. This study's sample is drawn from the manufacturing organisations located in the district of Rawang in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. The empirical results of this study confirm that TQM has a positive impact on innovation performance across five measured practices: customer focus, leadership, process management, strategic planning, and people management. Furthermore, the three most influential TQM practices are identfied as people management, process management, and customer focus. Managers in the manufacturing sector can find this study useful, especially if they are aiming to improve their organisation's innovation performance with the help of quality management practices.

Die impak van algehele gehaltebeheer op 'n organisasie se innovasievertoning word ondersoek. Korrelasiekoëffisiënt- en regressie analise word gebruik om die verhouding tussen algehele gehaltebeheer en innovasievertoning te ondersoek. Die steekproef is uit vervaardigingsorganisasies in die Rawang streek van Selangor, Maleisië geneem. Die empiriese resultate dui daarop dat algehele gehaltebeheer 'n positiewe invloed op die innovasievertoning van vyf gemete praktyke het, naamlik kliëntefokus, leierskap, prosesbeheer, strategiese beplanning en menslikehulpbronbestuur. Verder word menslikehulpbronbestuur, prosesbeheer en kliëntefokus as die drie invloedrykste algehele gehaltebeheer praktyke identifiseer. Bestuurders in die vervaardigingsektor mag hierdie resultaat nuttig vind, veral as hulle mik om hul organisasie se innovasievertoning te verbeter met die hulp van gehaltebeheer praktyke.


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