oa South African Journal of Information Management - Convergence of functional areas in information operations : original research

Volume 17, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2078-1865
  • E-ISSN: 1560-683X



Contemporary technology and its rapid rise to a ubiquitous nature are affecting the way in which technology is used. This holds implications for military information operations and information warfare concepts as the previously separate functional areas are increasingly overlapping due to the increased convergence of information technology. Objective: The aim of the article is to illustrate the convergence of the functional areas of information operations through the use of reported examples and descriptive models.

A qualitative review and analysis of practitioner documents, academic publications, and other reports is conducted. The diverse views of this phenomenon are contrasted and discussed. The possible implications of the convergence and possible management techniques are proposed and discussed.
There is strong opinion that the domains are not converging, however practice shows that there is an increasing overlap of operational considerations and organisational structure.
It is concluded that the domains are not converging, but the operations and management of the information operations functional areas may converge, and this has an impact across all functional areas that needs to be taken into consideration.

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