n Innovation : journal of appropriate librarianship and information work in Southern Africa - The ubiquitous impact of social media : the good, the bad and the ugly

Volume 2013, Issue 47
  • ISSN : 1025-8892



The paper examines the concept of social media, as well as its features. It submits that the terrific features of social media joint forces together to make the platform irresistibly appealing to its numerous users. The involvement and consequent impact of social media in politics and government, economy, education and among the youth are articulated. Social media is perceived as having a lot of benefits as well as copious shortfalls, which are highlighted. The paper thus believes social media can be both a 'vessel unto honour' and a 'vessel unto dishonour', depending on who uses the platform. The ethical dimension of the use or misuse is brought into focus. The youth and young adults who are mostly the active users are often seen to be victims of the nefarious activities carried out with the help of social media. For reasons of the involvement of the institutions of higher learning in the training and education of youth, the paper concludes with the opinion that the ethical training of the youth on responsible use of social media is imperative.

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