n Innovation : journal of appropriate librarianship and information work in Southern Africa - Factors that influence accessibility of electronic information resources at some universities in Ethiopia

Volume 2014, Issue 49
  • ISSN : 1025-8892



Access to electronic information (e-information) resources in higher-learning institutions (HLIs) in Ethiopia is on the rise (Mammo 2013). However, limited knowledge exists regarding the accessibility of these resources. The purpose of this predominantly quantitative study was to identify factors that may influence accessibility of e-information resources in some academic institutions in Ethiopia. Access to e-information has the possibility of improving the quality of research, teaching and community engagement in HLIs in Ethiopia. Data was obtained through the triangulation of research methods. It was found that there were various factors that influenced accessibility of e-information resources. The study made a number of recommendations to enhance the accessibility of e-information resources.

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