n Innovation : journal of appropriate librarianship and information work in Southern Africa - Children's literature and reading : are they promoted in current LIS curricula in South African universities?

Volume 2015, Issue 50
  • ISSN : 1025-8892



This study examines the LIS curricula in South African universities to determine the extent to which children's literature and reading are infused into the curriculum and promoted. It examines the course content to determine its coverage; it establishes the number of such modules that are compulsory and those offered as electives; and it determines the challenges experienced in teaching children's literature and reading in South African LIS schools. Data collection entailed content analysis of LIS schools' curricula and a survey using a questionnaire which was sent to the heads of LIS schools in South Africa. Preliminary findings indicate that despite there being a limited coverage of children's literature and reading in LIS schools in South Africa, the situation is a hopeful and positive one in terms of the promotion of reading.

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