oa Interim : Interdisciplinary Journal - Preliminary findings on an investigation into the three most important process parameters that influence laser sintering of Ti64 and validation of a melt pool simulation model

Volume 12, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1684-498X



Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a layer-by-layer Additive Manufacturing (AM) process that creates physical metal parts from three dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) data. For DMLS to be generally accepted by industry as a manufacturing technology, high mechanical integrity of final components needs to be demonstrated. Mechanical properties of manufactured components are directly affected by the quality of each individual laser sintered track of each consecutive layer. In this study, the optimal ratio of laser power and scanning speed on single tracks is determined for Titanium-6Al-4V powder on an EOSINT M270 DMLS machine for layer thicknesses that vary between 0 µm and 60 µm. Three different laser powers, namely 150 W, 170 W and 190 W were considered. Scanning speeds varied between 600 mm/s to 2000 mm/s with 200 mm/s intervals. Visual inspection of all the sintered tracks identified nine possible combinations of laser power, scanning speed and layer thickness that yielded stable uniform tracks. The most stable tracks resulted from high laser power, slow scanning speed and thin powder distribution. The empirical data were compared to a melt pool width prediction program and a good correlation was found. It was furthermore found that increased powder thickness can be used with a reduced scanning speed and increased laser power. This strategy may be used to increase productivity. The lack of penetration data during fusion of the tracks onto the baseplate necessitates the need to further investigate the obtained results in order to further narrow down the preliminary nine combinations.

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