oa Interim : Interdisciplinary Journal - Assessment of traffic congestion in the central areas of Kimberley city

Volume 14, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1684-498X



Traffic congestion is a challenge leading to undesirable consequences in most of the cities of the world. Many large and medium cities of South Africa, specifically the central business districts (CBD) are facing this challenge and are severely affected by this mobility problem. One such city, Kimberley, because of its unique physical, spatial, road network, economic characteristics and requirement of the mobility of heavy vehicles in addition to the normal city traffic faces typical traffic congestion challenges in its CBD area, particularly during the peak hours, which warranted this investigation. So, the objective of this paper is to assess the degree of traffic congestion (Level of Service (LOS)) in the roads of CBD area and explores a possible mechanism to ease the problem. A survey research methodology and application of relevant empirical models were employed to assess the level of traffic congestion and observe possible solutions to ease the traffic conduct this investigation. Findings revealed that there is appreciable level of traffic congestion in some of the roads of the CBD area of the Kimberley City, specifically during the peak hours, which needs strategic intervention. A reengineering solution, such as, traffic diversion from the congested roads to the underutilised or least congested roads could assist in easing the traffic congestion, increase in speed and reduction in travel time resulting into optimal utilisation of all the roads in the CBD area of the city.

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