oa Interim : Interdisciplinary Journal - Reflexology versus reflexology and colour therapy combined for treating chronic sinusitis

Volume 6 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1684-498X



According to Wills reflexology entails the division of the body into ten zones, concentrating on the pressure points on the feet, with each foot representing five zones (2006: Online). Colour therapy uses the vibrational frequencies of colour to restore the client's health. Colour zone therapy on the other hand, is a combination of reflexology and colour therapy. Zone refers to the working of key points on the feet, where colour refers to the assessment of the condition and treating it with the correct colour's frequency (Gimbel, 1993: 2-3). Reflexology uses a physical stimulus and colour therapy, emotional stimulus, thus colour zone therapy addresses both. In this study the researcher's objective was to investigate treatments with reflexology compared with treatments of colour zone therapy, by treating chronic sinusitis to explore the influence of colour on the outcome of reflexology treatments. Ten chronic sinusitis-suffering clients were treated with reflexology in a white cubicle. Another ten clients were treated with colour zone therapy (thus colour therapy as well as reflexology). They had indigo coloured paper in their hands. Results were obtained as case studies, with clients reporting how they felt before and after each treatment. Each client received five treatments. The results indicated that the reflexology clients did experience an improvement after the fourth treatment. By the fifth treatment three of the ten clients had discharged some mucus. However, clients treated with colour zone therapy showed results after the second treatment. At the fourth treatment, already seven of the ten colour zone therapy clients had discharged a large amount of mucus. This concludes that treating a condition with colour, in combination with another treatment provides better and quicker results.

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