oa Interim : Interdisciplinary Journal - Ultrasonic borehole flowmeter

Volume 7 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1684-498X



Although research has been conducted in the field of Acoustic Doppler Borehole Flowmeters (ADBF), it has been focused on point source of flow and three dimensional borehole flow techniques. However as of yet, no studies have been conducted on the possible use of Acoustic Doppler Borehole Profiling (ADBP). This technique of borehole flow measurement is possibly a revolutionary concept in how vertical flow in a borehole is measured. It makes use of a single inexpensive transducer that can float on the surface of the water in a borehole and use Acoustic Doppler techniques to profile the flow in a borehole. No complicated and expensive flow probe winching systems will be required. Another added benefit of the ADBP will be the non-evasive technologies that comprise its design. Current borehole flow probes are required to be present at the point of flow measurement in the borehole. The presence of the probe inadvertently alters the flow in the borehole by adding resistance to the flow in the borehole. Under stressed or pumped flow tests these flow resistance effects cause sufficient pressure gradients at the flow sensors to divert part of the flow away from the sensor. This causes erroneous readings of flow as a part of the flow in the borehole is not accounted for. In ADBP the sensor is not physically present at the point of flow being read. This makes the ADBP technique of borehole flow measurement far more representative of the natural flow conditions in the borehole under ambient and stressed conditions.

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