n International Retail and Marketing Review - Small Business problems in South Africa : priorities for entrepreneurial education

Volume 1, Issue 1
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The objective of this paper is to establish to what extent owners / managers of small businesses in a typical South African setting, experience selected problems or issues with a negative impact on the success of the small business. Problems encountered are numerous, and mostly related to, amongst others, environmental, financial, marketing, human resource, social or managerial issues. The aim is also to investigate whether these problem categories are related to the possession of management qualifications. An awareness of the impact of a wide variety of issues on business success, will enable SMEs to be fore warned and proactive in their decision-making to avoid the main causes for business failure. The results of this study will also enhance the development of management and entrepreneurial training syllabi to ensure coverage of those issues impacting negatively on business success. Starting a business is at best a risky venture but the chances of success are enhanced if the anticipated problems are understood and addressed prior to launching the business.

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