n International Retail and Marketing Review - A confirmatory factor analysis of customer perceptions of value equity in the Internet-music retail environment

Volume 2, Issue 1
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The acceptance of the customer perceptions of value equity conceptual model as advocated by Zeithaml (1988), and further refined by Rust, Zeithaml & Lemon (2000), requires confirmation that it actually measures the value equity construct. This research study attempts to confirm the structure and dimensionality of Rust et. al.'s concept of value equity, using a confirmatory factor analysis, within the internet music retail environment. Several alternative models were tested. A three first-order model (price, quality and convenience) seemed to be consistent with the conceptual and empirical research of the value equity construct. Management and marketing professionals can begin to use the construct as a valid and reliable measure of customer's perceived value of a product or service. The implications for future research are also outlined.

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