n International Retail and Marketing Review - The contextual determinants behind the entrepreneurial behaviour within 3D of EO : evidence from the SMEs in China

Volume 4, Issue 2
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China's recent economic success is remarkable. However, this comparative research - conducted at a firm level - presents empirical evidence showing that the entrepreneurship contextual conditions in China are still not comparable to those in Belgium, if the entrepreneurial behaviours within the enterprises from the two countries are compared along dimensions of innovativeness, proactive risk handling, and management professionalisation (3D of EO). Taking the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Model as a contextual framework, this research brings into focus a number of determinants that influence the entrepreneurial behaviours. This comparative research initiates a Sino-Belgian entrepreneurship research, contributes to the knowledge on cross-national entrepreneurship study, and brings up some research evidence that is expected to be further studied in future investigations. In this article, the authors intend to present the evidence concerning the contextual determinants that influence the Hebei entrepreneurs' behaviour within the 3D of EO.

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