n International Retail and Marketing Review - Education and learning technologies : the dilemma of distance education

Volume 5, Issue 2
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The challenge of the Chair of Department of Marketing and Retail Management (DMRM) is to plan and manage the DMRM in such a way so as to ensure that the department continues to deliver relevant marketing education to students, while still meeting the broader University objectives. This planning and management task needs to take into consideration the challenges facing the DMRM in the delivery of marketing education. One such challenge is to decide on what technology to use to deliver and support learning amongst the DMRM's students. The process of choosing one or more technologies to adopt as a preferred learning technology within the DMRM can either be done by drawing on the current thinking on this topic in the academic literature, by speaking with peers and other educational and technology experts, by asking the lecturers involved in the every-day delivery of this education, or by surveying students themselves. The lecturer is the key driver behind the delivery of education within the DMRM and will be instrumental in the successful adoption of any technology decided upon. Their views were obtained using the Delphi methodology and analysed using Chi-square analysis. The findings suggest that a learning management system is considered by lecturers as the preferred technology to use.

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