n International Retail and Marketing Review - Determining the relationship between job satisfaction and customer service levels at a small retailer in South Africa

Volume 7, Issue 1
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Customer service is an integral part of doing business today. Customer service providers must have adequate preparation to interact effectively with the customer. The preparation is a result of a commitment to increase understanding of the customer service industry, the knowledge of current trends, the ability to interpret those trends and the development of the fundamental skills necessary to achieve excellence. The aim of this is to analyse perceptions of job satisfaction levels at a small retailer in South Africa and establish whether there is a relationship between job satisfaction and customer service levels.

It is evident from the research that the majority of respondents 43 percent strongly disagree with the statement that employee attitude is commendable, a view that is disputed by management. Management is of the impression that it is doing enough to address customer satisfaction problems. The research also established that the customer's perception is that there is little empowerment to the frontline staff. The leadership is perceived as management style, which do not allow for people empowerment with the majority of 52 percent strongly disagreeing that employees are empowered to make decisions. 5 percent were non-committal whilst the next larger group had not observed any employee empowerment. The research established that a lot of investment has been made into upgrading the systems leading to better quality of service as compared to other utilities.
The research conducted, confirmed that training, motivation and empowerment are an essential component of high work because an organization's success relies on front line employees' skill an initiative to identify and resolve problems, to initiate changes in work methods, and to take responsibility for quality customer service.
The research confirmed that there is a relationship between job satisfaction and customer service levels. It is therefore, important to motivate, reward and empower its employees to provide an environment in which employees are happy to work in and feel they are appreciated and have room to contribute.

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