n International Retail and Marketing Review - Investing niche wine marketing in New Zealand

Volume 8, Issue 1
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The New Zealand wine industry has been, and continues to go through rapid growth since the early 1990's. The industry needed to consider how it administered this growth and presents itself to the local and world markets. As a result, New Zealand Winegrowers has been established, as a joint initiative of the New Zealand Grape Growers Council and the Wine Institute of New Zealand, to bring the industry under "one roof", and to bring the "New Zealand Wine" brand to the attention of a global market. The industry is at a point where many of New Zealand's oldest and best-known wineries have merged with, or have been purchased by, overseas conglomerates. Empirical research was executed to gauge the sentiments of the market as to the way forward.

The results of the research and the conclusions reviews the potential for New Zealand's small and medium sized enterprise (SME) wineries to have successful cooperative marketing practices in the future. An outcome is a recent development in the New Zealand wine industry, the so-called 'Family of 12', made up of a group of winemakers who have combined their marketers in an international marketing push. The conclusions and recommendations may provide some inputs for other Southern hemisphere countries like South Africa, Australia and Chile to deal with increased marketing competition.

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