n The Retail and Marketing Review - Erasing the line between homosexual and heterosexual advertising : a perspective from the educated youth population

Volume 10, Issue 1
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The 'pink dollar' or 'dream market' is a relatively untapped market that is idealised by marketers for its profit potential. As a result, it is of significant interest to marketing practitioners who aim to invest in this billion dollar industry. However, marketers face challenges in reaching this market through mainstream advertising due to the 'stigma' attached to homosexuality, which often results in the marginalisation of heterosexual consumers. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of consumers' tolerance of homosexuality on their attitudes toward homosexual advertisements, and ultimately how these attitudes influence on purchase intention. Data collection was conducted by means of self-administered questionnaires involving 312 university students aged 19 and 24. The results of this study indicated that tolerance to homosexuality does influence attitudes formed by various advertisements, thereby influencing purchase intentions. Furthermore, the results indicated that gender influenced the attitude and purchase intention towards brands that use homosexual models in their advertisements. The findings of this study provide marketers with a better understanding of how to advertise to the homosexual market without marginalising the heterosexual consumer. Developing improved understanding of such an important market segment is significantly meaningful, especially in South Africa, a developing country that researchers often neglect.

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