n The Retail and Marketing Review - The influence of emotions and personal values on packaging preference decisions

Volume 10, Issue 2
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The importance of emotions and personal values for consumer decision-making is well documented. This article aims to provide additional insight into the relative influence of emotions and personal values in packaging preference decisions. The literature overview attempts to provide justification for using a particular methodology involving an animated non-verbal emotion measurement instrument, a repertory grid analysis followed by a laddering exercise as well as an overall preference measure between the pack designs. A non-probability sampling approach was used to draw a convenience sample consisting of 158 respondents. Findings confirmed certain theoretical perspectives, namely that packaging designs evoking intensely felt positive emotions and complex cognitive personal value structures, result in stronger preferences expressed for these packs. The research findings also indicate that packaging design can be viewed as providing the 'glue' that connects logic and reason with feelings and emotions.

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