n The Retail and Marketing Review - Using online service-scape to appeal to customers : a focus on hedonic shoppers

Volume 11, Issue 1
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The website is the main place of interface between online retailers and their customers. As a place of interface it can be an important source of environmental stimuli on customers. This paper empirically examines the influence that factors associated with the online servicescape have on customers' hedonic shopping experience. Data used was collected using a structured questionnaire. Responses from 149 online customers who were found to be hedonic in their shopping orientation were used in the analysis. Version 21 of SPSS/AMOS statistical package was used to analyse the data. The findings show that web site usability, mass customisation and web aesthetic appeal play a significant positive role in influencing online customers' level of hedonic shopping experience. Website informativeness was however not found to have significant influence on customers' level of hedonic shopping experience. The findings also show that customers' level of hedonic shopping experience significantly influences commitment to online stores. The findings in the paper have wider implications on management of online stores. In general the study identifies factors that managers of online stores can focus on in order to appeal hedonic shoppers by bringing enhanced pleasure to the online shopping experience.

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