n The Retail and Marketing Review - A conceptual framework of e-fashion shopping intent

Volume 11, Issue 1
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Functional e-fashion shopping risks induce the reluctance to e-fashion shop that directly influences the intention to shop for fashion online. Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour as the theoretical framework, the study aimed to develop a conceptual framework of e-shopping intent by exploring attitudinal (rational and emotional) and the perceived behavioural control elements (functional risks) when e-fashion shopping for the first time. A qualitative, exploratory study was designed of which 15 purposefully chosen participants took part in a practical fashion web-site exercise followed by in-depth interviews. Content analysis of the findings revealed that consumers experienced both positive and negative emotional and rational attitudes that could act as indicators of e-fashion shopping intent. Control and lack of control were also experienced through the functional risks consumers were exposed to, that are also potential indicators of e-fashion shopping intent. The newly proposed conceptual framework related to the TPB for e-fashion consumers is discussed. These findings are useful to e-retailers when developing e-fashion shopping websites if reduction in e-fashion shopping functional risk is to be addressed which may positively influence the intent to shop online. The study has identified the functional risks e-shoppers have control over when shopping for fashion online and those they do not have control over, which can assist in the development of the online offering to e-fashion shoppers.

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