n New Coin Poetry - Poetry

Volume 44, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0028-4459



Marilyn Braam : Border Line Cases

Gail Dendy : A Short Poem; Cleaning Bookshelves; Sun; Autism
Marike Beyers : Static
Anton Krueger : consumed society; in a park in Europe; in the council chambers
Arja Salafranca : Wits in winter; Carnival City, Brakpan, South Africa; That night
Jenna Mervis : Shedding skin; Settling
John Simon : The Ritual
Ingrid Andersen : Sewn; Feat; Never Again
Karin Schimke : The last ride; Submersion; Clinging
Anna Varney-Wong : Does a single tear make a difference?; My love; Dream
John Forbis : Prelude; The Singular Morning; The Monk on the Hill
Dawn Garisch : To the Sisters; Generation; Fated
Deon Simphiwe Skade : Mesmerised
Ross Fleming : dead poets' society; Donga
Galia Hillhouse : Oh
Elizabeth Joss : Unfamiliar potatoes
Monique Hechter : Head held high; Stars
Genna Gardini : Mister; 21
Rosalind Scrutton : Positive
Tendai R Mwanaka : Ode to Grief
Brent Meersman : After the tsunami; La Jaconde
Damian Garside : For Wilfred Owen; Spider in Absinthe (Absinthe Spider)
Gus Ferguson : Requieschatology; Practical democracy
Len Verwey : The Empire Vexes; Jonah
Chris Mann : The Parliament Within; The Dancer in the Old Age Home
Clive Lawrance : Hunger; Drizzle
Carol Leff : springlove
Harry Owen : Evening in Context; Atheist on the Mount of Olives
Pumla Brenda Nkomo : Prayers; Home
Thandi Sliepen : shelter; school

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