n New Coin Poetry - Poetry

Volume 47, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0028-4459



Elizabeth Trew : Finding Poetry

Elizabeth Trew : The artist's arena
Sarah Frost : Jazz song
Len Verwey : With My Music Teacher
Len Verwey : Nightdriving
Len Verwey : The Collectors
Len Verwey : Self-Portrait as a Father
Dan Wylie : Metastasis
Dan Wylie : Fires
Dan Wylie : On His Blindness
Dan Wylie : Expanded Metal
Lucas Zulu : a snapshot from war
Lucas Zulu : for my mother, unborn
Natalie Railoun : Cellular memory
Natalie Railoun : To pause
Natalie Railoun : Weskus
Natalie Railoun : Schism
Erica Livingston : For Eve
Erica Livingston : Sacrifice
Erica Livingston : the question
Erica Livingston : mental candy
Eleni Philippou : A Lover Past
Eleni Philippou : 1955
Eleni Philippou : Obligation
Eleni Philippou : M.
Mea Lashbrooke : what they say
Mea Lashbrooke : never ordinary
Mea Lashbrooke : lambency of love
Carol Leff : tea time
Kumisho Moguerane : Sunday morning
Kumisho Moguerane : Itu
Kumisho Moguerane : A boat and daffodils
John Eppel : Dorothy Recollects
Kyle Steven Allan : Being there
Oliver Findlay Price : Photos
Clint Noah : No more
Clint Noah : Pride
Clint Noah : No flowers grow here
Troydon Wainwright : The Flower
Troydon Wainwright : The Signs
Troydon Wainwright : Blood Light
Troydon Wainwright : Talent
Sabelo Mgogoshe : Jazzy-Soul
Sabelo Mgogoshe : Adjectives and Nouns
Damian Garside : Foolproof
Damian Garside : Comfort Zone
Damian Garside : Expresso
Damian Garside : Allocation
Zdena Mtetwa : Wine bottle
Zdena Mtetwa : The magic of the sea
Zdena Mtetwa : Midnight
Carla Furniss : Engagement: a paper ring
Carla Furniss : Space for reflection
Carla Furniss : 4:30
Marota Aphane : I am a South African
Marota Aphane : The (t) rain will come
Jane Caroline : Almost in Time
Jane Caroline : Strands
Jane Caroline : For Ilyo, soon to be born
Leonie Adonis : "I forgive you"
Zama Madinana : one day
Zama Madinana : downtown jozi

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