n New Coin Poetry - Poetry

Volume 48, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0028-4459



Mzi Mahola : Power Struggle

Mzi Mahola : Wailing
Mzi Mahola : On the Death of a Former Colleague
Mzi Mahola : The Stubborn Winter
Ziphozakhe Hlobo : The Colour of Water
Ziphozakhe Hlobo : Black man
Vonani Bila : boys from seshego
Jim Pascual Agustin : Voyeur
Jim Pascual Agustin : Flowers in Her Hair
Jim Pascual Agustin : Village Potter's Wife
Jim Pascual Agustin : Eyes Shut, Pretending to Sleep
Yavni Bar-Yam : Sunset reflection
Anne Kellas : Owl don't come
Anne Kellas : Yellow child
GM Enerson : 70366760 - What's in a number?
GM Enerson : The turning of wine
GM Enerson : Calling the Absent
Genna Gardini : The Pot:
Deirdre Byrne : The Lesbian Imaginary
Deirdre Byrne : Middle-Aged Women
Deirdre Byrne : Inside
Leslie Howard : The Bell
Leslie Howard : Poem for Carole
Leslie Howard : They shout
David wa Maahlamela : A blue poem
David wa Maahlamela : Zwakala Mazisi Kunene
David wa Maahlamela : How I make love
Sabelo Mgogoshe : Scars
Sabelo Mgogoshe : North Korea Mourns
Noel King : Theatrics
Noel King : At the Edinburgh Fringe
Irene De Moor : Submission
Irene De Moor : Empty house
Megan Tennant : Franschhoek
Megan Tennant : Citizens
Megan Tennant : R72
Megan Tennant : "on a June day that I spent on the beach with two children"
Gregory Ovenden : A Boy at the Humber
Gregory Ovenden : Anna
Mari Ballot : Left behind
Mari Ballot : Deprived
Mari Ballot : What colour is pain
Tom O'Reilly : It Was
Tom O'Reilly : Coming Up For Air
Tom O'Reilly : Just A Mattress
Tom O'Reilly : Friday Morning dining
Rishan Singh : Being Indian by Tradition
M. Coco Putuma : DubSTEP
M. Coco Putuma : Public Lenses
Joop Bersee : Amen
Joop Bersee : That Me
Joop Bersee : Mental Disorders And Trains
Joop Bersee : The Last, Last

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