n New Coin Poetry - Poetry

Volume 49, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0028-4459



Jim Pascual Agustin: Hooks and Feathers

Jim Pascual Agustin: Where to, little swallow?
Jim Pascual Agustin: People who live with lions
Jim Pascual Agustin: That feather could be yours someday
Kobus Moolman: The Porter at the Hotel
Kobus Moolman: The Dripping
Kobus Moolman: Auswent Taxi Assoc.
Kobus Moolman: 'He Stares at the Table...'
Mangaliso Buzani: Inside the river
Mangaliso Buzani: Far from the love of God
Mangaliso Buzani: Straight to the garden
Mangaliso Buzani: From my palm
Mangaliso Buzani: You said:
Hailey Gaunt: Marriage
Hailey Gaunt: Gizzards
Hailey Gaunt: Patronage
Damian Garside: Enough
Damian Garside: Not the Deepest Hole in the Universe
Anton Krueger: The Monkey Cage
David Wa Maahlamela: The bed's chant
David Wa Maahlamela: Autobiography
David Wa Maahlamela: The was and is of thabo mbeki
Ari Sitas: Trade Winds
Ari Sitas: Klerksdorp
Ari Sitas: Evening song (Durban)
Ari Sitas: Marikana
Denis Hirson: The second prison
Saut Situmorang: The Love Song of Saut Speedy Gonzales
Saut Situmorang: 1966
Alan Finlay: 1976
Alan Finlay: my plastic american helmet
Rethabile Masilo: The Boy Who Would Die
Rethabile Masilo: Moulters
Rethabile Masilo: Living Room
Rethabile Masilo: Zimbabwe
Rethabile Masilo: Swimming
Kelwyn Sole: The loss of landscape
Kelwyn Sole: Cities wrapped in our desires
Raphael Urweider: her dress
Raphael Urweider: joburg I have lost my keys
Raphael Urweider: I cannot enter cannot leave
Nadine Botha: Another day
Nadine Botha: The balloon
Nadine Botha: The secret
Nadine Botha: What I don't don't like about myself
Marike Beyers: brother
Marike Beyers: song
Marike Beyers: to my parquet floor
Saaleha Bamjee: Morning
Saaleha Bamjee: My husband whose
Saaleha Bamjee: God
Mishka Hoosen: What wasn't said to the doctor
Mishka Hoosen: At 3:11 am
Gabeba Baderoon: Architecture of the Afternoon
Gabeba Baderoon: In the castle in the night hours
Gabeba Baderoon: The last kiss
Liesl Jobson: Spit the Pith
Liesl Jobson: Undone
Liesl Jobson: Slovenly for Love
Liesl Jobson: Tusk
Goodenough Mashego: empathy
Goodenough Mashego: Keitu
Goodenough Mashego: epitaph
Linda Ndlovu: It's my government money
Linda Ndlovu: Soweto Silhouettes
Linda Ndlovu: Papa
Lesego Rampolokeng: Writing the Ungovernable
Lethokuhle Msimang: Dear Vincent
Lethokuhle Msimang: One golden day

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