n New Coin Poetry - Poetry

Volume 49, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0028-4459



Angifi Proctor Dladla: An Assault

Angifi Proctor Dladla: Khensani
Robert Berold: in memoriam joan berold
Robert Berold: The East Cape blues
Robert Berold: the end
Robert Berold: stratosphere
Gert Vlok Nel: Tuesday
Gert Vlok Nel: Why I'm calling you tonight
Jim Pascual Agustin: I Never Meant to Build a House
Jim Pascual Agustin: The axe
Jim Pascual Agustin: Notes for a Strategist#1:
Jim Pascual Agustin: Conversations to be Discarded
Haidee Kruger: Spirograph
Haidee Kruger: variations on an old theme
Haidee Kruger: Dig
Haidee Kruger: lithe like butter
Haidee Kruger: The flood
Haidee Kruger: How it happens
Alan Finlay: i leave the blue sky burning
Alan Finlay: on an unmade bed
Dawn Garisch: littoral zone
Donald Parenzee: Details
Donald Parenzee: Lightweight poem
Donald Parenzee: work with materials
Donald Parenzee: ten to nine
Donald Parenzee: Unusable Notes
Mzi Mahola: Of Course He Loves Me
Mzi Mahola: Mine Must Be Final
Mzi Mahola: I Didnâ??t Stop
Rosamund Stanford: Our president
Mbongeni Khumalo: All Hail Mzilikazi
Mbongeni Khumalo: Give us this say
Lesego Rampolokeng: phefeni notebook: intro
Ike Mboneni Muila: To bra Frisco Wonkewonke Mukosi Muila
Ike Mboneni Muila: Manu wangu
Ike Mboneni Muila: Manona luv
Ike Mboneni Muila: Follow fellow mjucate
Ike Mboneni Muila: Fiya go fiya fight/ fiya go baklei fiya fight
Allan Kolski Horwitz: White Cross for the White Man
Allan Kolski Horwitz: I can't phone there's no signal
Jana Van Niekerk: We are naked in the fields of Darling
Spree Macdonald: On the First Distribution of Whites
Sylvestre Ntabajyana: My Mother Taught Me
Sylvestre Ntabajyana: I Will Found My Church
Sylvestre Ntabajyana: Bring your heart
Vuyisile Msila: The streetkid
Vuyisile Msila: In a Maputo restaurant
Vuyisile Msila: the electorate
Mxolisi Nyezwa: Fly
Mxolisi Nyezwa: Because I did not smile
Mxolisi Nyezwa: Woman with light earrings
Mxolisi Nyezwa: Despite everything
Carole Glasser Langille: Elegy
Carole Glasser Langille: Tree Man Was the Name
Carole Glasser Langille: You Gave Yourself
Tim Van Niekerk: The year after that
John Forbis: The Same Story
John Forbis: Only This
Leslie Howard: Man of few words
Cathal Lagan: At Drummond's Farm near Berlin
Brian Walter: Roosting tree
Joan Metelerkamp: from Now the world takes these breaths
Gudani Ramikosi: A Girl of Thirteen
Kelwyn Sole: Content withheld

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