n English in Africa - Zakes Mda's : an illustration of African life using European dramatic modes

Volume 30, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0376-8902



Although Credo Mutwa, for one, "honestly believes that the European-style stage kills an African play and should be avoided wherever possible" (Mutwa 1974/5, 32), Western dramatic modes and European theatrical techniques have left deep imprints on black South African drama. This influence can readily be seen in such plays as (1936) by Herbert Dhlomo; (1958), (1959), and (1966) by Athol Fugard; (1958) by Lewis Sowden; and (1964) by Lewis Nkosi. As for the drama of Black Consciousness, plays with 'the European-style stage' include (1973) by Makwedini Mtsaka; (1976) by Fatima Dike; and (1979), (1979) and Dead End (1979) by Zakes Mda.

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